Tuesday, 17 March 2009

my teeth

greeeeeeaaaaat so 3 years of braces was for nothing!!!! i went to the dentist about a week ago because i cracked my wisdom tooth and they said that it had start to go rotten to they were going to remove it so i went and had xrays and everything and got it removed on monday of this week and in the xrays it shows that the rest of my wisdom teeth and the bottom ones are facing in towards the rest of my so i have to go in for an operation to get them removed before they deside to come tho the gums!! wonderful aye??

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

just another update

well life still stressful!! the fight to get rohan away from his mother, the fact that its his 3rd birthday, and i am getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled and the fact that the rest of them arent through and they want to remove them through and operation! my wedding is only 18 months away and we havent really started planning, i need to get a assistent if i could afford one!!!
everyone is coming to Rohan's party this weekend and thats so cool but its the first time my posh Grandma is going to meet my crazy in-laws and i am going to catch the brunt of it! my Father in-law Joe is the sweetest person youll ever meet but he also cusses like a salor and dress like he just excaped from the army blue wife beaters and steel caps do not much impress dear old grandma!