Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Rohan Update

As you know we have taken Rohan away from is mother, we let him have a visit with her yesterday so i stayed back at work so that i wouldnt be around while thay we're visiting first thing that rohan did when she went to hug him was bit her on the shoulder! Ha ha! he also slaped her in the fast and just blatedly ignored she is no mum!!

everyone who knows Rohan through Sharon shes that he is so much happier with us it says so much doesnt it...i am so glad that we have done this just for Rohan's sake! his safety was at risk!!! that is what made us do it

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

no title just read

I wish i had taken the chance i had last year with sharon! she just irritates me so much!!!!! i wish she could see what she was doin to my beautiful little boy!! i hope she realises before its too late but you know what i dont think she will!!

the sad thing is is that i dont want to take rohan away from her....i am going to have to! Michael and i have an appoint with his lawyer on friday and i know what i have to do! i can beleive that it has come to this! i didnt think she could be this bad! but she is all i want to do is just sit and cry for my little boy! i cannot beleive this i really can but thing has come to light that i know are true and i just didnt want to see it what a fool i am i really am i feel so stupid that i had not seen this before before i was told how could i have been so nieve?? i know i am a good mum i know that but i just thought sharon would have SOME brains but obvously not!

Monday, 9 February 2009

this sucks

I am back in my wheel chair again! last night i had a bit of an accident, i triped over and now i am back in my wheel chair to protect my left hip. i still have to go to work and micks not here till 12.30 so i am stuck on the couch i cant even go out for a cigarette i have so much house work to do and i cant do it. this is so bad i have to do something, i am just sitting here i need something to do i have check my emails and my facebook and now im on here winging to everyone but i am just so stuck i dont know what to do, i dont want to just sit here. so much to do and i cant do it this is sooooo bad!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

my stupid ankle

looks like it will be another operation coming up!

my stupid ankle has dislocated 2 in the last week putting me on crutches!! which us EDSers would no isnt good for you arms! so my shoulders are hurting my left leg is killing me and i am still at work, why? i dont know. i mean it is a pretty cruisy job but still you need to be in your right mind.
i knew that i would have to have more operations on my knees to replace my knee caps next year but i didnt want more than that now that i know that mick and i can have children we were planning to have a baby after we got married next year! this suck monkey butts man!!!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Bugga it

I am in so much pain but i thought i had better come to work. it suck so hard sitting here and not being able to concentrate on anything properly. i dislocated my ankle yesterday and i didn't go to the hospital because i didn't have to go on the gas it gives me night terrors, so i dealt with it until it got to be too much and then i got mick ( my fiance ) to put it back in and i don't like doing that because then it make him feel bad coz i am in pain! its so hard when Rohan's around coz i dont want to have him be like "Boop doesnt want to be around me, she doesnt want to pick me up" its not that i dont want too its that i cant!! i want to i really do i just cant!! i want to hold him its the only thing that makes me feel better most of the time is his smile his checky laugh!!