Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Ok so my work has always been stressful, but on top on of that my mum has been diagnosed with uteren cancer and the court case for Rohan is this monday,
this week i just feel like screeming mum's op is tomorrow and i am spending the night there tomorrow night so that she has someone there. on top of everything i triped over a toy car and dislocated my ankel. i really didnt want to come to work because i had to confront some one. but i did and i have confronted her and some hoe it turned out to be all my fault as useual!
i just wonder want i have dont i know i am the "newbe" and i dont want to step on anyones toes so i did the right thing about it and i aboligised to her but still.

Rohan's court case is this monday, and i really think that it is going to go in our favor so i hope it does because his mother is still homeless and still the same rubbing everything in to our faces! i really hate her and i know that it is a waste of my energy but what else can i do????
i have tried everything to make "friends" with her and i still play nice and say hello but it makes my skin crawl like if i look down it would be dripping on to the floor when i do, and i just want her to give us Rohan and drop off the face of the earth!!!

Rohan and Mick are the most imported people in my life i know that i cannot live with out them! i just want her to leave go away go back to the rock that she crawled out from under!

i am so close to the edge!!! I just want to hall of and smack her! but i wont!!
i know that my eds is going to play apart in the court case and that they are going to use it against us i know that but eds hasnt happered me in anyway of raising Rohan and it ever will!!!

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