Tuesday, 10 February 2009

no title just read

I wish i had taken the chance i had last year with sharon! she just irritates me so much!!!!! i wish she could see what she was doin to my beautiful little boy!! i hope she realises before its too late but you know what i dont think she will!!

the sad thing is is that i dont want to take rohan away from her....i am going to have to! Michael and i have an appoint with his lawyer on friday and i know what i have to do! i can beleive that it has come to this! i didnt think she could be this bad! but she is all i want to do is just sit and cry for my little boy! i cannot beleive this i really can but thing has come to light that i know are true and i just didnt want to see it what a fool i am i really am i feel so stupid that i had not seen this before before i was told how could i have been so nieve?? i know i am a good mum i know that but i just thought sharon would have SOME brains but obvously not!


  1. oh no, what happened? Is Rohan okay? I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, I hope Rohan's best intrests are served and whatever has happened he won't have to suffer through it again

  2. we have him now and there is no way that even if this goes to court she will get custardy of him